Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Novel - The Emeralds of Shenah

An adventure/fantasy novel published on Kindle Books. The Emeralds of Shenah.

In an ancient land of warriors, maidens, and mages, a prince learns of his destiny through a terrifying prophecy. With the help of the son of a slave, a little boy who has survived an abusive father, a young mage, and a maiden who loves the prince as a man before learning he is the crown prince, they prepare for a battle of unimaginable evil.

Filled with moments of heart, anguish, jocular banter and romance, The Emeralds of Shenah transports readers deep into a world of royals, mystics and warriors. Lavish wealth, heroism, stomach-turning bad guys, magical beings – it is a place where emeralds are so rare mages use them to enhance their powers. 

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