Monday, April 22, 2013

Kindle Ebooks I've Read

These are a few of the Kindle ebooks I’ve read this past year. It’s an eclectic assortment, but leans heavier toward my favorite stories of historic fiction, adventure, fantasy, and magic in an ancient world.

Tricked; Hammered; Hexed; Hounded; by Kevin Hearne – love this series!
Corvus; King of Morning; The Ten Thousand; by Paul Kearney – Fun read.
A Song of Ice and Fire; by George R.R. Marin – Thoroughly entertaining. Always looking for the next volume.
Roma; Empire; The Seven Wonders; by Steven Saylor – A glimpse into the ancient world. Enjoyed these.
Digital Fortress; by Dan Brown – Good book!
The Help; by Kathryn Stockett – Love it!
The Isle of Stone; by Nicholas Nicasteo
The Copper Sign; by Katie Fox – Fun read
Fifty Sades; by E.L. James – read all three. Yikes… lol…
Iron House; Down River; King of Lies; by John Hart – One of the best authors I’ve come across lately. Great prose and can weave a spellbinding story.
Inexperienced Mage; Branded Mage; by D.W. Jackson – fun read but needs a bit of proofing. Never-the-less, I enjoyed these and plan on reading the next volumn in the series.
Night Angel; by Brent Weeks – enjoyed it
Prince of Thorns; King of Thorns ; by Mark Lawrence – I really enjoyed these books
Michael; Airel; by Aaron Patterson – enjoyed these
Mage Born, The Blacksmith’s Son; by Michael G. Manning – enjoyed
Among Thieves; by Douglas Hulick – Liked a lot
God of War; Lord of the World; The Lion of Macedonia; by John McLeod – enjoyed
Daughter of Troy; by Sarah B. Franklin
Return to Eden; Weaving Destiny; The Soul Keeper; by G.P. Ching
Lorien Legacies; - the boy in me loves this whole series


  1. lol thanks for the comment and sigh yes I know it needs a good proofing. working on that.

  2. When will your next book be out please? Goose Creek is wonderful!

  3. When will your next book be out please? Goose Creek is wonderful!