Friday, April 19, 2013

Goose Creek - Living in Loudoun County

I was raised in Loudoun County, and Clarke County, Virginia. Many of my observations and experiences growing up are the setting in my novel Goose Creek. The characters are fictional amalgamations of my imagination and in no way represent any individual I knew or know.
I played and swam in Goose Creek as a young kid, picnicking on the banks with my family. My mother would give us a bath before leaving using a bar of Ivory soap so she wouldn’t lose it in the creek. We had fun chasing the floating bar when she dropped it. My father would drink beer and watch us. He once saved my life pulling me out of the water when I stepped in a sinkhole way over my head. I learned to swim later taking lessons at the Middleburg Community Center. I used a picnic scence similar to this in the book but my dad was nothing like Cole, the abusive father of Dare in my novel Goose Creek.
Cole is a ‘not cool dude’. The story I tell in Goose Creek weaves around the equestrian estates and wonderful small towns I knew; Middleburg, Marshall, Upperville, Aldie, Boyce, and Berryville. 
Goose Creek is available on Amazon’s Kindle Books. If you get a chance to read it I would appreciate hearing your critiques on Amazon or on my blog.


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